Hycomat to regular gearbox

Hycomat to regular gearbox

Today i helped my friend to switch from hycomat to regular gearbox. We worked on his son’s car. He was there and helped us a lot.

These are my notes:

  • I thought it will take 2 hours, but we worked 6 hours.
  • We tried to change the clutch pedal only, but we changed the entire pedal block (clutch and break). The design is different.
  • We had to detach the steering column.
  • It was not needed, but we installed a new clutch (both pressure and friction plate).
  • The upholstery of the 30 years old car is outworn even the car ran something like 16,000 km.
  • I had no wrench 32/36 and we didn’t detach the drive shafts from the hubs. This made the work little more complex. You have to pay special attention to the tripod when de/attach and put a plastic bag and tie it in the middle.

The final discovery was that the Megadeth’s Unibroue Saison 13 beer is very nice.

Unibroue Megadeth Saison 13

God bless my friends

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