The Floor is Primed. Air Cooling Fan to be Assembled

The Floor is Primed. Air Cooling Fan to be Assembled


Like i said before “i will start from the under-body and until i reach the point to paint the Gletcherblau i will learn to paint”. This is true, because here i didn’t have a single leak. The last thing i need to train is to not paint with “transparent spots”.

I can’t import the paint from Germany, because it is a dangerous product. I looked at the PPG catalog and my eye told me that the closest color code is 195440.

As a replacement of Gletscherblau i will use PPG Delfleet Essential:

  1. ESSS – Single Stage Polyurethane Enamel
  2. ESH200 – Single Stage Hardener
  3. ESX520 – Very Slow Activator

Front Wheel Hubs

I don’t have a press in my garage. This is why i asked a car mechanic to change the King Pins. I took the front wheel hubs after i finished painting all the suspension parts. So now i paint the floor and the wheel hubs together.

Air Cooling Fan

I cleaned the air cooling fan a little bit.

The original bearings are open. This is why the washers are used between them and the clip washers. I will put them back for additional dirt prevention.

God have mercy.

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