The underbody is Painted. Prime the Suspension Parts

The underbody is Painted. Prime the Suspension Parts


I de-greased the under-body and sprayed the under-body with epoxy primer (catalyst, solvent). I am amazed of the quality. I couldn’t clean my spray gun after, so today i added OMNI MS 251 Multi-Purpose Solvent to my list of materials. It cleans very well.

The Under-Body

Next i sprayed the black paint (catalyst). Together with the catalyst it is a nice paint.

The look is not very good, because i had a lot of leaks, but i think that the quality is fine.

Suspension Parts

I sprayed the epoxy primer on the suspension parts.

I wanted to turn them upside-down and spray the other sides, but the primer doesn’t go hard so quick as i wanted. Tomorrow i will prime the other sides and Thursday i will spray the black paint.

Sts. Cyril and Methodious, pray the Mercyful God for us.

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