Completely Naked

Completely Naked

Yesterday i removed all the papers from the right side and today the roof and the windows.

The roof has to be opened like canned food. It is always disaster there.
A good restoration without treating the roof is incomplete.
Once i remove the engine, the gearbox and the suspension (front and back) i will be able to turn the body on its side and start cutting and welding.

The easiest way to remove the windows is to lift the rubber step by step and put a rope (8 to 10 mm diameter) between the rubber and the body. A soapy water could help, but i skipped this. Start from top center, go left and right and finish at the bottom of the left and right side of the window. Then, starting from a corner, push inside out.

I removed the windshield by putting screwdrivers and folding the rubber to the outer side. A nightmare!

In the glory of God, now i’ll take a rest, make a list of parts and order them.

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