Rustproofing Receipt

The mystical recipe I found one very strange receipt for rustproofing in an bulgarian classic car forum. If you click the link, search for Отговор #363 (Answer #363). It sounds like a receipt for a magical shit, made by a wizard: an eye of a frog cat’s claw… Despite of…

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Front Crossmember Arch

Rocker panel inside I welded the inner side of the rocker panel. It doesn’t look good, but i hope it is strong. The trick is: Before welding, expand the wire from the handle ~ 15 mm. Put the long wire in the hole and start from the center. This way…

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Front Crossbeam and Rocker Panel Connection

In the previous post i explained that welding on 3 B do not penetrate well and i switches to 4 C and the plug weldings are now OK. As i mentioned before, some of the weldings had no penetration. This is how i checked them. Nothing is lost. Grind the…

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MIG-PAK 180 Settings

Sheet Metal I bought 16 ft2 from here. The guy i was in communication with was very king. He defined himself as Human Forklift (formerly known as “Sales”) in his email signature 🙂 He offered me to cut it to 2 pieces of 8 ft2 to decrease (~ the half) the price of…

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Patch 1 Shaping

I start with the disclaimer “this is a joke”. I am not good enough to give lessons 🙂 Let’s just get some fun. At the end of the production, they made some modifications for 1.1 and produced the same body for 601. Everybody knew that The end is near, it’s…

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Rocker Panels

Before welding any cavities, they need to be rust-proofed. I use a zinc primer. It can be welded. After that i will paint with an urethane paint. While uploading the images to the last 2 posts, i was looking at the background and i felt like an investigative dog 🙂…

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Front Crossbeam - Missing Part Inside

I shaped the missing (cut by me) part of the front crossbeam. Now i will paint the cavities inside and i am ready to finish the welding on the bottom. God have Mercy.

Front Shock Top - Left

It’s getting better all the time …my welding. Slowly, but constantly. I own another issue: “measure twice (even better 3 times), cut once”. My friend who jokes all the time says “i already cut it 3 times and it’s still short” 🙂 I flipped the car upside-down and welded all…

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Windshield Wipers Engine - Rotor

There is nothing interesting here. Just disassemble, clean, grease the bushing bearings and check/change the brushes. God bless our deeds.